REHOBOTH Baptist Church of Boston

Staff Contact

Names E-mail address Names E-mail address
Rev. Charles Ricardy Denis: Senior Pastor Sr. Elucia Shakleton: Deaconess
Sr. Yanick R. Denis: First Lady Sr. Emilia Cotard: Deaconess
Sr. Livie Aimé: Secretary & Finance Sr. Marie-Claude Célestin: Deaconess
Sr. Anne Marie Chalumeau: Assistant Clerk and Kitchen Coordinator Sr. Josette Bousseau: Deaconess
Br. Laveau Cotard: Treasurer Br. Yves Pierre Louis: Deacon
Br. Jacques Célestin: Deacon Sr. Myrlene Pierre Louis: Young People's Club and Kitchen Coordinator
Br. Andre Chalumeau: Youth Coordinator Sr. Idalia Jean-baptiste: Deaconess
Br. Syrion Prince: Finance Sr. Christine Firmin: Deaconess
Sr. Leonie Jeannite: Deaconess    


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